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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Birthday 2017

As I ease into my bday tomorrow, it's the last half-day of the school year for students. It's a teacher in-service day the next day, then we are done.

I have been "released. Eligible for re-hire." That means I have my parsed out paycheck for my 10 month school year for 12 months, coming to me until the end of July, and I have insurance for me and my family until July 31. My school, the struggling Warner Enhanced Option Elementary School, has eliminated the computer teacher position: That's me. I am applying my head off, and I feel I'll fall into something great, where hopefully I can make more of a difference in children's lives than I was able to do at Warner. I'm sad for the kids. They need technology, and they won't get it without a geeky teacher, a technology advocate.

As I have often explained to the querulous--there is the city, the river, the stadium, the projects, and our school. Okay, I suppose it's not "our" school anymore after tomorrow, but it has been for a year. And this has been a year of eye-opening for me. I need to get some distance on it, and I need to rest in order to get the smile in my eyes. Stay tuned.

I will be at The Old Gas Station in The Nations tomorrow after work for their "painter watching" party, to watch Guido van Helton as he applies coats of paint on the Silo Bend silo. If you're around, drop in for a local craft beer and a hug. I'll be there from 4:30 or so until I'm tired of drinking free-on-your-birthday beer!.

Here's the even more iconic grain silo as it appeared this morning on my way to work:

Monday, May 15, 2017

ISTE 2017 is ON!

I am so excited that:

Just got registered today. It's been touch and go with the loss of district support for the travel, but I have a roomy for the first time in over a decade to save housing money and I'll do the Curly Shuffle like I usually do when the conference is in Texas: I'll fly into San Antonio and my brother will pick me up at the conference's end on Wednesday, then we'll drive back to his lakehouse in Montgomery, Texas, on Lake Conroe, for a weekend of fishing. I'll fly out of Houston home. Yay! Thanks to the ISTE Conference Committee for working with me on all this!


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