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Nashville Views at End of Spring

As we move on into June toward the first day of summer, I have been enjoying my days, fishing at  Marrowbone Lake several times, helping my honey of 30+ years at her beautiful store, Tinwings, keeping the lawn (sort of) manicured and the rain garden healthy, doing housework, and planning for ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. I have re-established my relationship with Active Worlds, forged ahead into VSTE's "Summer of Survival" in Minecraft, and begun a regular meditation practice with a new online platform called "Headspace." I've been out on my Xootr kick scooter several times already (pictured near the center of the pano below), and now that 51st Avenue North has been re-imaged into a calm route with gorgeous new blacktop, parking all up the west side and bike/walking up and down the east, I see myself doing that more regularly as well.
beautiful Nashville from the center of the John Sigenthauler walking bridge

I am hot on the trail of a couple positions for the upcoming work year and I've signed on with a major international consulting company to take on clients for training management work. I'm working, as I have done so for a good while, with my dear brother Ed and to help him bring in clients for his own industrial workplace and employee safety consulting firm, The Augustus Group. And I'm doing writing for 372WN, the fantastic community publication I've mentioned in previous posts. For a time of the year when it should be down-time, I'm up. 

I picked up a nifty Aduro long lens for my iPhone via Woot last week, and I'm going to enjoy taking pics with it henceforth. Its 8x magnification is clean and easy to mount with its clip, and here's a teaser, taken from in front of Tinwings, about 6 blocks away from the new art on the grain silo:
the new public art on our Silo Bend iconic silo
Last night, Lee Ann and I drove out west toward Montgomery Bell State Park to the home of a friend and colleague of hers and enjoyed nosh and beverage and a fantastic house show featuring the original music of Dorado, only two of the band members performing acoustically for the small gathering in its beautifully wooded setting. Forrest Miller and James (a one name, multi-talented guitarist and singer, is James) entertained with guitar play and vocal harmonies that were nothing short of beautiful. I'll be in their crowd this summer at least once when the full band plays for fans.

Have a great week. Don't be a stranger! Here's some art built from stray railroad parts picked up on recent dog walks:


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