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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is it Really February?

Lots of thoughts these past few days as I'm laid up with a brutal case of pneumonia, drinking fluids like an OJ, Vitamin Water, La Croix junkie. Sleeping in what I can snatch between painful coughing bouts and binging alternately on Beatles vinyl and foreign films. I thought to myself, "Self, why aren't you blogging?"

It's true, I'm at one of those stages in my blogging path where I'm tied up in work and family and a major writing project that may only be published posthumously (though this illness bout is putting a little imaginary pressure on that timetable). I haven't done it, but I likely could search "sorry" on this blog and timeline-out the intervals where I have let slide my self-imposed responsibility to share. This has been one of them.

I do better at my school blog, Mister Merrick's Falcons Tech, but that's geared toward school parents and students. Actually, I owe them a weekly post as well. I'll get to that this week. You're more than welcome to check that out.

This blogging is an interesting animal. My dear sis-in-law calls it my book. "It's your book." Well, actually the book is Lives, available at This is my odd attempt to communicate with you. I don't have to tell you who you are: You know that. If you are reading this it's for you. I have lots of colleagues, if not many close friends, but you can read some of the why of that in Lives, and certainly in my thinly veiled memoirs tentatively entitled "and before that... (memories of a lucky life lived). No link for that one--you thought I'd slip up, didn't you?

One bit of good news if you do enjoy scottmerrickdotnet, the ISTE planning season is gearing up for ISTE2018. The online program came out today and you can see all the offerings at I'm but one of 1900 presenters and if you are interested in education there is no other conference over the year that will reward your time better.

Time for a little personal opining:

So, lately I've been immersed a bit in the politics that are not politic. I've been incensed, bewildered, and sometimes oddly amused by the state our nation has found itself in. Most recently, it is the school shootings issue that twists my soul into pretzels. The students' uprising--and make no mistake, it is blossoming into that--may just be the ray of hope that we need in order to sucker slap the country back into its senses. I have a rifle, but it is not an AR-15, and I have only recently acquired it for target shooting. I don't even hunt. I do think that it would be a good thing to have for the zombie apocalypse, especially if my target practice pays off in the form of solid headshots. Isn't that as good a reason as any to have a weapon in the home?

All that said, we need to look at the way other countries have made their laws support in some cases almost nearly absolute reduction in gun deaths. Something must be done and I applaud our students for gathering into a like-minded group dedicated to showing our greed-driven politicians what needs to be done. It is not a travel ban, y'all, as the Judiciary repeatedly reminds us.

It's a long read, but please, please take the time to absorb this recent post by "theindependentthinker,' Michael Sparks. The 12 Most Common Fallacies in the Gun Arguments (and How to Refute Them).

There's this:
From with thanks
If we cannot keep our children safe at school, and we cannot, given the current ease of purchasing guns, we are worthless. I speak as a teacher who may one day at this rate be called upon to be a hero and is not sure he's up to it.

Do you know companies are now peddling bulletproof panels for school backpacks? What!?

I have more to say about other thoughts and I will get back to saying them. For now, be safe, love your neighbor, and cast off your paranoia but keep your wits about ya. Remember, "Just because you're paranoid does not mean They are not out to get you.

Peace out,


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