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West Park, Almost Ready!

Took a little stroll around the new West Park yesterday, and I want to share my 8 minute Periscope with ya. The park is not open, its opening delayed by something in the order of 2 years, with no less than two scheduled ribbon-cutting events having been cancelled in that time. Go watch:

I mention at the end of the 8 minute rambling that I would pick video back up but I did not, prefering to take some stills as Watson and I finished out our morning walk. But I am soooo excited for the opening of this rich community resource for residents and visitors to The Nations and surrounding communities. I wrote about this project at its outset in the fine community publication 372WN a good while ago. Congrats to Eric Henn, muralist, for gettin 'er done!

Stills from the rest of the walk:

Early June Ramblings

A lot o' things. A lot o' things going on.

Hi, all, I just finished posting at my Falcons Tech blog and since I'm in the groove I wanted to update here. It'll likely be a bit of a chaotic post, since my life is sort of there at the moment.

Mostly, having put the school year behind me, I'm looking ahead to 2018-19 as we move into a portable during construction and then into a brand new computer lab. I'm working on ways to fund new equipment in the new lab. Stay tuned on that...

Looking immediately ahead, I'm knee-deep in the planning for ISTE2018 in Chicago. I'll be flying up the 22nd to get the lay of the land and attend pre-conference activities, particularly Hack Education 2018 on Saturday, an "unconference" that is always a deep learning dive.

On Monday morning, June 25, the Virtual Environments Network presents its 2018 Virtual Environments Playground. VEN was one of the first ever "Focus Groups" to present a day long, themed eve…