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Friday, December 20, 2019

Remarkably and more...

Just listened to this little piece I put together last Lee Ann's birthday. The refrain is the title of her mythological memoir, which she will likely never write, and the tattoo she will likely never write.
Kinda fun, created on my iPhone on a dog walk and recorded at our breakfast island on my laptop with Audacity on a vintage nylon string Framus guitar. I particularly like the improvised break, recorded with no real planning in one take. I think it's kind of Willie Nelson-ish. Okay then. Stay tuned after for a handful of Colin's demo recordings.

and happy holidays:

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday, November 17

Hey, world,

Okay, I'm not the most prolific blogger anymore. I call to attention some past performance:

From May 21, 2007:

This was probably my most prolific blog. Now I'm so into my classroom and its execution and planning that I'm not using the blogging outlet much. But it's all good. Anyone with curiosity and wherewithal can discover past work.

As far as present work, I got notice last week from the indefatigable Simon at ISTE PLNs that my proposal to present an ISTE Expert Webinar in January or February (stay tuned) has been accepted. I will be presenting on my implementation of a Minecraft unit for my 200+ largely EL students at the  thriving but under-resourced public middle school where I teach. Yay. Get a glimpse of that work at .

Oh, and another ISTE note, Andy and I had a GREAT convo last week with Daniela Sanchez from the new VR world VirBELA. You can expect more from that soon, perhaps including an ISTE VEN Winter Conference online in that venue!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy Birthday, Lee Ann

Today is my beloved's birthday. Yesterday, because of an annual neighborhood festival called Light the Nations, I gave her an early birthday present that I found at the Tennessee Arts and Crafts Fair a couple weeks ago. It's a set of white silver dangly earrings made by Louisville, KY Silver Smith, Phyllis Minnery. They positively light up in natural sunlight.

Lee Ann, on the other hand, has lit up my life in so many ways for the past 35+ years that I can't begin to enumerate them. Hers is the heart that makes my heart sing. Literally.

In honor of her birthday and of that little light metaphor, I share a little ditty I composed and recorded for the occasion. Please enjoy...

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

AmericanaFest2019 through mine eyes

Mine eyes have seen the glory...

I had an absolute BLAST going out to hear live performances of music all week, thanks to AmericanaFest2019. Initially, my lovely person was planning to take a highly unusual week off from her fantastic business, Tinwings, to go stay at a beach home in Pawley's Island with a dear friend. I discovered Americana Fest and thought, well, okay, I'll go hear some music while she's gone. The week changed due to her friend's schedule and I was about to bail, but Lee Ann told me, hey, do it anyway. So I did!

I sprung the 90+ dollars for a wristband that would get me into any of the shows at any of the venues I chose to attend Tuesday, September 10 through today, Sunday the 15th. It was fun to hear moving lyrics sung by brilliant songwriter/performers every night at many Nashville locations, some of which I'd never attended. See the list of performers in this graphic:

 go there

What was my favorite part? Wow. That's a tough one. I would say it's that I got myself out, met some nice humans, and formed some new fan relationships with a double handful of talented people some of whom I'd never heard of! I saw some acquaintances perform, including another former student from my first 3rd grade class in 1996-7. You may recall my good fortune to meet up with Lizzy Plotkin at the end of last May.

I thoroughly enjoyed Shawn Colvin's work as she performed her breakthrough record "Steady On" from top to bottom, just her and her acoustic guitar. And to witness Mark Erelli's award-nominated "By Degrees" sung by him the same way at a venue new to me, The Anchor, was unforgettable.

This time it was the incredibly talented Forrest O'Conner I got to see perform at One in Cannery Row performing an intimate set with Kate Lee and others. 

It was a fun week and I'll be back next year, "believe it to me."

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Droning on a Saturday Morning

This may be a fun before and after in a year or so. This is the former home of Renaissance Stone and a couple other very small business endeavors, and if recent huge residential building in the area is any indication, we'll be seeing at least hundreds of new homes built. It would be possible, actually, to extend New York Avenue from its end place at 59th Avenue (straight ahead at the video's beginning) to 60th, at the video's end; but I'd be surprised if that happens, considering the profit value of each square foot of residential property in The Nations.

Edited in Screencast-O-Matic Pro. Music from an online album of rough acoustic instrumentals, "Still Waiting." Song is "Colin's Walk." Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Living Proof, 1983

Hey all,

Yes we're sneaking up on the school year and teachers report in my district just two weeks from today. Hard to believe, but while I do wish for more summer there is a nagging excitement about getting back into the computer lab with a new batch of 5th graders and many children I will recognize and who will recognize me. We're in July 30 for meetings and prep and such and the kids show up Monday, August 5th.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing up some music and fishing and fun goals I set for myself before returning to school. One is sharing the one tiny tv work that I did back in 1982 or so, released as an NBC TV Movie in 1983, and though I only worked three days or so and only appear in this last 3 1/2 minutes of the movie, I some pretty good camera time and I hope that you can tell that I was having fun. At the time I was bartending at TGIFridays on Elliston Place. I recall that I answered a casting call and auditioned for the roll of the doctor who patches up Hank Williams, Jr. after his drunken fall from a mountaintop. That would have paid more, I suppose, but I'm glad I was invited to audition for the band members for the two bands at the end of the movie. I recall Richard Thomas and the casting directors out in front in a warehouse-like space with 20 or 30 aspiring musicians and that when it was my turn to step up to the mic I sang "Rollin' in my Sweet Baby's Arms." They actually allowed me to finish and called the next day to make me an offer. We filmed in what is now the Children's Theater, I'm pretty sure, then in TPAC's Jackson Theater.

Here's the thing: With the ongoing national dialog about the South and its perpetuation of myths about the racism that was essential to the notion of "Dixie," this song actually makes me a bit uncomfortable. As a supporter of both the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Law Center, I believe there's a New Dixie out there that can embrace all of us, no matter what race or creed. And I don't believe that New York City is anything close to a synonym for Hell. All that said, at the oblivious time of the filming, it was fun. I'll struggle to rectify these dichotomous things, in my daily work and in my personal heart, but meanwhile I hope you can enjoy...

Monday, July 15, 2019

Difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality?

Whether you are exploring "the realities" for learning and teaching or you are just curious, these technologies, along with Artificial Intelligence, have been gearing up to change our lives for quite some time now. Do you understand the...

Monday, July 01, 2019

Recapping ISTE19 through Snapshots and Comments


I've said for years that any school or school district who supports Professional Learning with travel funds should REQUIRE a detailed account of how time was spent at conference or workshop. Though my "budget neutral" school district (hate that term) did not support this trip, I am in the habit of providing same. So.

Instead of my traditional rambling post or series of posts, I'm choosing to document this year's International Society for Technology in Education's annual Conference and Expo in Philadelphia with all the photos I took along with notated comments. Comments contain links to places visited, colleagues hugged, and more; including beaucoup resources from events at which I presented or which I attended. My work here is done. All I can say is--Go for it! And enjoy!

Scott's Google Photos from ISTE19
There will be a live recap discussion with Andy Wheelock and yours truly in Second Life on Tuesday, July 16, at -- join us at 5pm Pacific Time!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Days 1 and 2@ISTE19, pics first

I will come back on over the coming week to add descriptions/comments on these, but for now this is the sum total of my pics. Some are with Colin and his lovely girlfriend Kat, some are dining, etc., and there are a few from the poster session with dear Mary Howard, the Community Networking Fair, and a whole bunch from our Games and Simulations and Virtual Environments Playground, which I pronounce a rousing success. All our planning paid off and we made tons of new friends and gained a ton of new members. I love me an educator hungry to learn more about developments in AR/MR/DR and Virtual Reality for learning and teaching. Here's the first batch of photos, from Friday night with my boy-o and his lovely girlfriend Kat to the moment, approaching PLN Happy Hour back at the Convention Center followed by the Flipgrid Party. I'll pretty this post up later, but for now:

Scott's ISTE19 pics at Google Photos

Saturday, June 15, 2019

scottmerrickdotnet drone adventures

Hey, all,

I recently came into possession of a Parrot Bebop 2 FPV drone and I'm beginning to use it for, well, FUN. I'll post more little videos here and on their own  YouTube Channel Playlist  as I collect images from on high with this tasty little tech tool!

I have been collecting filets in my freezer from fishing expeditions this summer, in order to have enough to feed us and friends at an end of the summer fish fry at Chez Merrique (our lovely little home in The Nations Nashville), and yesterday I had a good morning, bringing home 3 catfish and a good sized Redear, also known as a Shell Cracker. But before I ventured out onto my favorite little fishing lake I pulled out my new drone to get some video with the lake manager, Stevie: The swirling, rising mists on the lake were breathtaking on this cool summer morning.

I need to match up some music for this li'l ditty, and will, but for now, imagine some restful morning guitar and mandolin whilst you enjoy:

Saturday, June 08, 2019

VSTE VEN Will Relocate at the End of this Summer

Good morning, world(s). 

Because of my real life work and also my dedication to my volunteer work for ISTE via our Virtual Environments Network for that organization, I don't get out much--into other worthy organizations' activities. But since I do know that the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, a remarkably active learning network in Second Life, is at the top of the list for research and community about learning and teaching in virtual worlds, I want to share a recent announcement. The ISTE VEN made a similar change in 2009, downsizing to our cozy HQ in Second Life at, so it's not surprising, but it is noteworthy! I encourage one and all to quickly visit their Jamestown reenactment build at the link within the post before it goes away: I'm not sure whether it will be rebuilt in their new smaller location! Here's the message, posted on a sign at our HQ by our dear Beth Ghostraven (Beth O'Connell, former recipient of our annual Virtual Pioneer of the Year Award at the ISTE Conference)...

The VSTE VE PLN Is On the Move in Second Life!
June 1, 2019
For over 10 years, the VSTE Virtual Environments Professional Learning Network has maintained VSTE Island, a full region in Second Life, as part of our professional development program. With a shift in focus to expanding to other virtual environments, we have decided to downsize and move to a parcel on the Second Life Mainland, with significantly lower costs.
SAVE THE DATE - The new parcel will be revealed on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 8:00 pm EDT (5:00 pm SLT / Pacific time).
The VE PLN will very much still be in Second Life and other virtual worlds, meeting (almost) weekly on Mondays at 8pm Eastern time. Minecraft Monday will continue on the first Monday of the month at VSTE Place, our shared Minecraft server. Our other excursions include Opensim on Avacon, Unity (including SineSpace and ViWoLe), and other virtual environments new and old. As VSTE Island Facilitator Kim Harrison says, “We need to be good stewards of VSTE's funds."

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Jammin' at Hippie Jacks!

Quick verbiage this morning. I'm up in my cheap but serviceable motel room at the Overton Motel in Livingston, Tennessee, having driven down Friday after the last faculty only day of the 2018-19 school year. I'm well rested and washed up from the great day at Jammin' at Hippie Jack's Americana Roots Music Festival down in Crawford, TN, processing pics I took and clearing some 360 videos off my Samsung Gear 360 cam. Stay tuned for the 360s. It takes hours to process just one of them and I have several...

Going to head back down again today and enjoy more music and hopefully play some more. I ran into some friends and managed to jam at their campsite with a fine band last night, The Fumblebuckers. Here, btw, are a few more links:

Lizzy Plotkin
Natalie Spears
Bios of all the performers at Jammin' at Hippie Jacks 2019

Here are some photos, including several panoramas, from early in the first day.

And here's the link to the Google Photos album of all my iPhone videos and pics. There is commentary and a promise for more when the 360 stuff gets processed. Enjoy!

Friday, April 26, 2019

Call to Volunteer

Hey, ISTE members and other curious humans,

Pardon the long and textual post, but I have an important question to ask: Have you been wondering what the meaning of "reality' is?

At the ISTE Virtual Environments Network, we've been exploring that question since before 2000! Surprisingly, we have found some answers. Our professional learning network orbits around the concept of "together at a distance," a term coined by co-founding member Peggy Sheehy. With the advent of new technologies like 3D goggles and rapidly developing innovations in virtual worlds--some of which are actually experientially accessible within 3D goggles--we might expand that concept to "together, anywhere, at a distance."

We meet at least twice a month, together, from wherever we are. It is not unusual for us to gather around a crackling campfire, seated comfortably, dressed stylishly, and everyone lookin' good, to discuss PLN business. I am on a kitchen counter stool in my home in Nashville, Tennessee; Mary is in her living room on an island in the shadow of Niagara Falls; Andy is at his home office table with his son laughing in the next room. Others are in Virginia, or California, or Canada. But--and here's the rub--we are all here. Sure, we could Zoom or Google Hangout, but this is somehow more fun. Everyone needs fun, even teachers!

Kurt Vonnegut's physician son is famously quoted for this comment: "We are all here to help one another through this--whatever 'this' is." That's what we do at VEN: We help one another through this.

Besides our monthly "OOH" (Open Office Hours), VEN produces, at our headquarters in Second Life, a monthly "Focus Session" which features an innovative educator sharing her or his innovative creation that leverages the unique affordances of virtual environments. Often, we teleport from these events as a group to a site within Second Life or Open Simulator, to explore together, communicating in text chat and voice our wonder and our insights, our questions and our answers.

Our huge annual culminating event traditionally takes place at ISTE's annual Conference and Expo. Ya'll, we invented the Playground. Initially that sort of event at ISTE NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) took place for several hours during the conference and was called a "Lounge." The Second Life Lounge at NECC 2007 was where I first met, in person, a core group of ISTE educators who already were meeting regularly in Second Life and whom I already thought of as friends and colleagues. There was even a working docent program within the virtual world, where educators could and did schedule themselves (themavatarselves) to be on duty to meet with other educators, both those familiar with ISTE and those not. The large building at ISTE Island offered a very large stone-paved front porch, where we would "widen the circle" of avatars as new arrivals joined the conversation. At that time there was no voice engine in Second Life and everything was in text chat. I always thought that made me more intentional in my comments than I would have been in voice, and there was a substantial backlash when Linden Lab did enable that feature. 

But I digress, as is my wont. I'm sending out this notice to ask you to join in the fun. Volunteer for ISTE wherever you wish to serve, but especially, serve with us. We will widen the circle with you. It will open up worlds of learning.

Visit and take a few minutes to work through the brief sign-up form. Choose Virtual Environments Netw1ork. We'll be in touch. And, hopefully, we'll see you at the end of June in Philly for ISTE 2019!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Written and produced this morning

I hear this as a sort of Irish folk song, lilting and lyrical, and I may yet make it a song. I had to get it down this morning, inspired by the snapshot of a native neighbor's backyard set. Can you guess which line came to me first?

Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Song

Hey, I've got a couple new songs in the works, but this one is nearly done so I'm puttin' it out there. It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love fishing. I often say the fishing is excellent even if the catching is not. Well, not that often, since I do most always catch and release those finned and scaley denizens of the aquaverse.

Lake Marrowbone

Here are a couple pics I took just a couple weeks ago:

And here's my song, just invented today and put together with Audacity in 9 tracks: Lake Marrowbone

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Moving through 2019 (it's all going to be okay)

Blogslacker that I am, I drop in here on a Saturday morning to share with you that I'm actually really blogging more regularly at my classroom blog. To see a few things, head on over to the Falcons Tech Lab blog and subscribe to that one if you want to keep up. More and more, I'm focusing on my work at my work, trying to establish a solid learning environment for my ~800 students who cycle through it in the course of a school year in 9 week chunks.
It's a continually changing set of challenges, with 8 good-sized classes each 9 weeks, coming in in alternating A-day/B-day rotations. Our kids are largely in Hispanic-rooted families. Recently I polled a 9-weeks set of classes to see exactly how the language piece breaks down. This was in the way of an end of quarter reflections poll, using Google Forms as its vehicle. Look at this:
from Falcons Tech Lab classroom poll end of quarter 3, 2019
I do maybe have one little announcement. Those close to me may remember that I have been planning to retire at the end of the school year 2019-2020. Well, I'm rethinking that. Although I will have just turned 70 at the end of that May, I think I'm good to continue teaching, I like to joke, until they haul me out of my lab with a toe tag. I absolutely love my work, and now, after persevering through the extraordinarily challenging and frustrating two years that involved teaching in a very difficult inner-city elementary school and then working in two separate buildings with two less than optimal computer setups I am in a lab that is new (albeit with old, wi-fi connected, PCs) and beautiful and which I am making work to everyone's learning advantage. We got into Minecraft successfully this past quarter, and through initial forays into that platform I am inspired to tweak procedures and lessons to really take kids forward in digital citizenship, empathy, conceptual skills, and coding. Of course we will be elsewhere in each 9 weeks journey, but this development is, as I say, inspirational.

The weather over Spring Break, which ends tomorrow night, has been odd, which kept me off my favorite fishing lake, Lake Marrowbone; but that has led to some new organization of curriculum as well as time with my dear son Colin. Today, Saturday, Miranda and Tim are coming over to hang out and have a big vegetable dinner at home with us, then Colin and I will uber downtown to the Mother Church, Ryman Auditorium, to see and hear a favorite indie performer, Kurt Vile, with his band The Violators, opened by The Sadies. It'll be a great time. Tomorrow will be a good day, then I meet my ~200 new students Monday and we are off to new explorations and adventures in the Falcons Tech Lab. I'm good to go.

May you live and learn. Be Good and Have Fun...

Sunday, January 06, 2019

New Year

Today is January 6 of the new year 2019.

I have always reluctantly tolerated the long "holiday letters" some folks have shared with me over time. I don't know, the practice just seems somehow narcissistic, creating a journal entry intended to summarize a year of work, play, and family ups and downs. It smacks of the chain letter. On the other hand, I'm not a very good friend--sluggish to reach out and ask how my few true friends are doing, what's happening and why, how can I help and support them. In that other hand, the other side of the coin is also true: I don't share much, really. Perhaps there should be a study of the stages of social media sharing. It might go something like this:
  1. Curiosity
  2. Lurking
  3. Tentativeness  
  4. Emboldened
  5. Oversharing
  6. Embarrassment
  7. Withdrawal
  8. Abandonment
Okay, I haven't worked my way through 6-8 yet, but I suppose I am working on them or scheduled by the higher powers to experience them, and perhaps they are not stages that play out in a linear fashion, but whose elements swell and recede--like tides, but irregularly.

All that to say, Happy New Year.

How about we get along better this year? Speaking for everyone, we are all tired of the division that defines us and each of us is frustrated by over half of the rest of us holding beliefs we cannot believe they hold. This last presidential election, I (and millions of other Americans) put my hopes and dreams in the hands of the one politician I thought could unite us into the future. Along the way Bernie caved to the mechanics of the political machine(s) and the oligarchs won. Now it's as if a giant hand has effortlessly caught the pendulum of government as it was intended to be--swinging from privileged power to concern for the greater good--and we are caught in the absurd present, potentially never to escape. Can I support this new run for 2020? I'm not sure. That may say a lot (or nothing) about its potential success.

I put my head down, I love my family, I teach my charges, and I pray for good. If I see it trending, I will likely raise up my old gray head and support it as I can.

It's all I can do.

You are welcome. What for? For the weirdest holiday letter you'll receive in 2019.

As you were.


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