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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday, November 17

Hey, world,

Okay, I'm not the most prolific blogger anymore. I call to attention some past performance:

From May 21, 2007:

This was probably my most prolific blog. Now I'm so into my classroom and its execution and planning that I'm not using the blogging outlet much. But it's all good. Anyone with curiosity and wherewithal can discover past work.

As far as present work, I got notice last week from the indefatigable Simon at ISTE PLNs that my proposal to present an ISTE Expert Webinar in January or February (stay tuned) has been accepted. I will be presenting on my implementation of a Minecraft unit for my 200+ largely EL students at the  thriving but under-resourced public middle school where I teach. Yay. Get a glimpse of that work at .

Oh, and another ISTE note, Andy and I had a GREAT convo last week with Daniela Sanchez from the new VR world VirBELA. You can expect more from that soon, perhaps including an ISTE VEN Winter Conference online in that venue!

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