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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Scott's Non-fiction!

Everybody everybody! I am beginning to work on transferring a tidy little novella written in 1983 to digital format and will be rewriting as I do so. It is about a runner in Los Gatos, California  who suffers from hallucinations (but are they hallucinations?) and was originally titled "In the Running," but that title may change. Stay tooned.

I have been using Microsoft Lens' Optical Character Recognition to edit and republish short stories here, but for this piece I will be retyping from a typewritten copy. It's 136 double spaced pages with 26 short chapters so, well, that'll take a while. With Lens, I have anywhere from a dozen to fifty failed character conversions to correct on each page, sometimes with funny results, I do recommend it for shorter jobs. I don't think I will publish this one piecemeal but I may change my mind on that. 

In the meantime here is something off the fictional beaten path. I put together a Pinterest board with all of my articles having to do with West Nashville, published in the periodical 372WN. By way of giving credit and linking to the publisher, I added a pin to the archival website to the board. 

First published in December of 2016, it was the brainchild of Nashvillian Miriam Drennan, a super smart human being and a powerhouse of publishing. Volume III, issue 5 was the final issue published, in August 2019. For anyone interested in West Nashville today or yesterday, I can't recommend it highly enough. Do go to the archive site: It's a little treasure box of fascinating reading. Here you are. You are welcome. Just click on the screen grab below.

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