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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Videoconferencing K12: The State of the Art

Hello, y'all, !

I've been a bit quiet here the past couple weeks because I have been locked into a total rewrite of a ~28,000 word novella first typed out on a typewriter back in 1982-3. It was my first "long-form" fiction and I was pretty proud of at least having finished it. Well, long story short (mmmm, sounds like vaguely appropriate phrase), it was finished, but not finished. I had fun typing it all out, fingers on laptop like a flurry of lightning bolts, then painstakingly working through it for errors, bad writing, and, omg, KENNINGS. I seemed determined to use a dash whenever I could. I also activated most of the passive verb usages and restructured paragraphs. I'm now pretty proud of it. 

Running is not long enough to be a novel in the generally excepted length requirements, but it is broken into short chapters so I'm calling it a novella. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. It tells the story of a musician/librarian runner in Los Gatos, California who suddenly begins to experience hallucinations and waking nightmares. Yes, they mean something. Watch for it soon.

Meanwhile, more non-fiction, the only real sort-of-academic writing I recall doing post college. It was published by Nova Southeastern University's innovate online journal in 2005, and if ya click through the image below you'll get to the whole 9 pages, a pretty succinct description of how things were back then. Where has it come? Close your eyes. Whisper "Zoom".  


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