Just One More Book!

Podcast shareshare time! My University School of Nashville colleague Karen Knox, also known as Comma Momma (and coincidentally the English teacher of my 6th grader son) just published an article in Borderlines, The quarterly newsletter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, reviewing a wonderful website/podcast called Just One More Book!

Whether you're a teacher of young'uns, a momma or a poppa or any other flavor of caregiver, or even if you're just a grown-up lover of illustrated books, this project, as Karen says, "is impressive in its scope. It covers the world of children's read-aloud books with an array of authors, illustrators, publishers, agents, and others involved in children's literature."* I just listened to episode number 281 of "Just One More Book" and I highly recommend it to you. The hosts are knowledgeable, clever, and literate, and it's a shortie (~8 minutes).

Podcasts are a way to learn on the go, ya'll. If you have a long commute (or even just a short one), you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to this free, rich learning tool. Someone at a teacher's conference once made the remark that there are so many of them that "if you want to learn about cigar-smoking nuns in Wisconsin," all you have to do is seek out that podcast. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that there are at least tens of thousands of podcasts available for free download, and most of them are free.

I have a linkset at del.icio.us that offers ways to learn about podcasts and extensive resources for learning how to do one yourself. Go learn!

*Knox, Karen. ""Just One More Book"." Borderlines, The quarterly newsletter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators 64(2007): 1-2.


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