artclectic in Second Life--Please drop in!

Hey, all,

Been knee-deep, virtually and really, living and learning with artclectic this past week. I've also lost my cell phone, but I have to admit it's been kinda quiet and nice without it. Am I reverting? Likely not, just pausing.

I created a little machinima this week to share what I've been building in Second Life with folks who may not be able to come into the virtual environment to experience it first hand. If you can come inworld, the SLurl is . If you can't, for whatever reason, maybe this will suffice:

Find more videos like this on Virtual Environment Education Videos!

More later, and lots of it!


fat crow press said…
Hi Scott,
great job! The images were so clear and you really get the feel of the show. Thanks!-Julie Sola
Scott Merrick said…
Yay, someone watched it! Thanks!
Noreen Strehlow said…
Your "artclectic" gallery in Second Life is fantastic. It was about as close to being there as possible. I like how you can zoom in on objects though. I wish we could do that in real life. :)
Anonymous said…
Scott I finally was given a computer big enough to view your production, and thank you thank you and thank you, and, can I have that avatar hair you gave yourself? Might look good on ole Jim. Greetings to the Mrs...Jim Sherraden 2/1/10
Scott Merrick said…
Jim, "no, you cannah have my hair." But thanks for the kind words. That was fun. And watch PBS tomorrow night for the "Digital Nation" project. See if you can pick out my voice near the beginning of the program. :)

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