New Single


ello, y'all. I'm off into another school quarter, and, yes, off on another little "share out things I made" project. This one involves posting songs I have written and recorded over the years, specifically those written for the dear love of my life, Lee Ann. I'm going to release a new A side/B side set at characteristically irregular intervals, on Bandcamp, and thereby make them available for a listen. I'm not interested in making the big buck here, of course. Those who know me have heard me quote my dear long-departed daddy, who used to quip, "Ain't no pockets in them shrouds." I'm not looking to experience that fact anytime soon: I am staying in, teaching from home, walking my dog, and maybe, but rarely, hitting the grocery store at opening hour, double-masked. I think come next Christmas I will share the many "12 poems of Christmas" collections I wrote for her as well. But that's another time and another project. 

I hope you enjoy single number 1 of "Lee Ann Songs."


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