The Way We've Always Done It, Another Look

 Good morning,

As Fall Solstice demonstrates itself (Wednesday) and we move, here in Nashville, from a rainy and warm start to a clear and cooler end of the week, I want to note that the world around us seems to be doing a spanking good job of pretending that people are not sickening and dying every day from the ongoing pandemic. 

I have been in two public places this week, Kroger on Charlotte Avenue and Midnight Oil on 51st Avenue; and I watched the Tennessee Titans pull an awesome win out of an out-of-town game hat in Seattle yesterday (on my tv). In the first gathering place, there seemed to be some effort and concern about safety as around half the shoppers, and all the staff, continued to wear face masks. In the second, as I picked up our tasty frozen Rose wine beverages to take home and enjoy, the place was packed and I was the only human in the building wearing a face covering. I saw one or two masks in Seattle as the cameras panned the jammed stadium, but clearly everyone knows the trouble is over up there. 

Oh, wait...

Maybe someone should tell them. 

Let's look at Nashville...
Well, that's Tennessee, as reported by the New York Times, So over the previous two weeks deaths have only risen 59%. That's good, isn't it? 

Ummm, No. Three days before the national news noted that 1 in 500 Americans have died from the coronavirus, news agencies in Tennessee announced that we had achieved that outstanding statistic.

Schools are working to stay open. Students, families, and administrations, and teachers are stressed. And yet we are married more firmly than ever to what is dictated by the seven most dangerous words in the English language:


Come on, y'all. We can do better. I reference an article written and published during the heat of the early battle with Covid-19. Now Covid's soldiers are wearing different uniforms, but they are still being aided and abbetted by legions of deniers and extremists, many of whom run state legislations and local governments. I (re)call your attention to January's scottmerrickdotnet blog post, THE CASE FOR REAL VIRTUAL LEARNING

I do not rest my case.

Stay safe and love one another. Be good and have fun.


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