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How I (Seamus) Spent My Summer Vacation

My dear godson Seamus Morrison, son of my brother-from-another-mother James, spent his summer in a very unique way. I'm pleased to share that he's taken up his piano lessons again, that he attends his wonderful independent school half-day or more as he's taking up the rest of his therapy, and that he is a hero of mine. We can all learn from the powerpoint he created to share...

Find more videos like this on seamusupdates (Note: Seamusupdates is a private ning, so that unless you are a family member or an extended family member, clicking on that link will likely be to no avail.)


Jeff Strauss said…
Like everything else Seamus has touched, both before and during this journey, this is a beautiful, personal and honest revelation of the remarkable nature of his being. Seamus, James, Riad and Scott -- thank you all for sharing.
Caroline said…
Scott, bless you and bless Seamus for sharing this story. My deepest hope is for his continued recovery and for your continued presence in our lives.
What an educator! I am passing this onto folks who need a dose of courage. Thank you Seamus! It is a masterpiece. xoxox said…
What an educator! I am passing this onto folks who need a dose of courage. Thank you Seamus! It is a masterpiece. xoxox
I am so sorry that he had to spend his summer vacation this way!
But it's so admirable of him, just how well he handled everything and how confident he is. That will surely make him a surviver of a very special kind! Not many people have got this much courage and dare to look at things that aren't too pleasant.

I know a lady who, when she was very young, also had a brain tumor and that is now many years ago and it's amazing just how well she has recovered! Mind you, she's even had two children since then!

I have been into alternative treatments for many years, basically because at some point my children also got very ill and there was no other help to get...
And some of the books I found were most interesting.
F.ex. Hulda Redgehr Clark's books. "The Cure for All Cancers" and "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers" show some quite amazing case stories.

Something else I used with great success was "Natural Hygiene", a natural de-tox where one basically lives of raw fruit and veggies.

And re cancer I also think, that vitamins do play an important role. Dr. Matthias Rath has devellopped some interesting combinations.

All my best wishes for Seamus and his parents and my admiration for handling this so well and for supporting their son so much!

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