Monday, February 01, 2010

Watch PBS TV TONIGHT for "Digital Nation"--check local listings

I had the opportunity today to preview the show online. This one will be controversial, ya'll, and I'd love to start a discussion here. Watch it, because you will most certainly be called upon for an opinion by parents and administrators...

From PBS email:

Last March, we launched a Web site to start a conversation about how
digital technology is changing almost every aspect of modern culture -
from how we think and learn to how we build relationships and even
conduct warfare. We asked for your feedback, and you shared your
stories that helped to shape our 90-minute documentary which airs
Tuesday, February 2, at 9pm ET on PBS (check local listings).

This program is guaranteed to make you think, to question your understanding of and use of technology, and to cause a big stir in educational technology. Very well done, I initially report. Controversial? You bet.

I had seen some of it early on, and we hosted a presentation by the producers--thanks to ISTE member and colleague Malinda McCormick--at the Second Life Playground at NECC09 in Washington, DC last summer. But watching the show in its finished format is even more powerful, incredibly so. What is your response? What does this mean to our work? I'll ask you the same thing I would ask any of my students: What are the creators of this media intending to communicate? Share here.


Michael said...

I'm excited to watch this tonight. I''ll have to TiVo because of caucus night in MN, but its worth it. I feel like the "Digital Nation" moniker is something that is freely accepted by most, however, not enough thought is put behind what this exactly mean both nationally and globally.

FYI - there is going to be a web chat with the producers of Frontline "Digital Nation" on Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 1 p.m. EST. Here is the URL if anyone is interested in joining:

Bron Stuckey said...

How can this be viewed outside the USA? Is it webcast? Sorry if this is a dumb question:-(