Thursday, January 09, 2014

Great Award Up for Grabs for Online Educators Making a Difference!

Friend, colleague, and President of the ISTE Special Interest Group for Online Learning, Michael Gormans, today posted a wonderfully descriptive account of a free webinar coming up in just a few hours. Please join us at the link below to learn how you might be the recipient of this prestigious annual award. I highly encourage you to read Mike's blog post in its entirety and I hope to see you online. Here's the brief skimmy:

There will be a special free webinar on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 4 PM to highlight the competition. It will also include a special guest appearance from last year’s winners. Learn about their project and get some great tips involving online collaboration for your students. This webinar will also be archived and available on the ISTE SIGOL Site. Consider attending and learning how you can be part of a great program and also be a part of SIGOL at ISTE! You can also learn more about how to enter the competition for the award at SIGOL Online Learning Award.  You will find Webinar registration information below. Please send this post on to others who might be interested, and give a retweet!
ISTE SIGOL Online Award Webinar
 Learn more about the fine work SIGOL does at our wiki.

And also check out ISTE Connects info on SIGOL!

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