Friday, January 03, 2014

Some Family Ties

From Merrick Villa in Nashville, Tennessee on this third day of January, 2014 I send greetings, a promise to post at least once a week this year, and some family links.

First of all, in honor of Colin's birthday, number 18, a link to the work he's doing with songwriting, production, and performance. These are demos mostly created by him at his MacBook Pro and all written and performed by him, every voice, every harmony, all of it. Click to visit and LIKE his new Facebook brand for all his music, then visit the Dazeless SoundCloud:
Dazeless Facebook

Miranda is working at Brilliant Sky Books and Toys over in Green Hills and coordinating their online branding efforts (it's a VERY cool store) and burning up Instagram and Twitter. It's been a while since she blogged but her observations are consistently insightful and thoughtful at "Words for Faith." Check out her Pinterest site, "Truth & Wisdom," and her erstwhile boyfriend Tim Buell is out on the road with his band, Remedy Drive, who garnered a Dove Award nomination this year.

Lee Ann, love of my heart, is burning up the epicurean domain with TinWings, her artful, ambitious, and joyful venture with her partner Ursula Norris. Visit (and LIKE) their amazingly successful startup at their TinWings Facebook page.

Finally, the best kept educational secret of Nashville Public Schools is about to be let out of the bag. See why at the "About" page at MNPS Virtual School.

I rest my cases.

Wait, I guess given the title here I should share an old poem, still one of my favorites:

Family Ties

Most of my ties are dead man's ties.
Real doozies, all, hanging in my hall
closet, inherited sans will, from my father
and the father of my wife, given new life
by my own need, or by my need to own.
Did I need to rescue clich├ęd neckwear?
Or did I need instead a piece of cloth
to perform a job my memory ought?
Some come from vintage clothing stores:
Skinny, woven thinly, these create within
me something of a false nostalgia,
a longing for a time I never knew.
If I were you I'd be wondering now
what is his point? Does he intend to
share some kind of insight here? Is it fair
to assume that ties to the past indeed survive?
Of course knot, you say.
But maybe sew, says
I. Some say each time an entity, alive,
recalls the aspect of one dead, the dead one lives.
Spirit, called, responds in kind: a re-animation born of mind.
When I touch a tie it cries out to me,
and its former owner stirs, is realized.
If in that lifelessness re-creation be, then pardon me:
I only mean to tastefully accessorize.

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